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MMI was a sea of orange on Wednesday, October 21st as students, staff, and faculty wore the color in support of Unity Day. Kindness, acceptance, and empowerment were the themes of Unity Day, encouraging both youth and adults to stand together against bullying.

Bullying is defined as a repetitive behavior that hurts another person physically or emotionally. In a bullying situation, there is either a real or perceived imbalance of power, and the target of the behavior has difficulty stopping the action directed at them. Bullying behaviors can be overt or covert and can happen in-person or with the use of technology. Bullying can have both short- and long-term effects that impair the health, safety, and education of those involved. Children who are bullied may avoid school, be unable to concentrate, experience low self-esteem, have trouble sleeping, engage in self-harm, and have a feeling of alienation. Bullying often impacts more than just the target of the bullying behavior. It also has implications for those who engage in the behavior and those who witness it.

A large Unity banner was hung in MMI’s cafeteria, and students, staff, and faculty were encouraged to sign their name as a pledge to take a stand against bullying. Additionally, several classes read the story Confessions of a Former Bully in Classroom Guidance and role-played various ways to handle bullying behavior. We want MMI to be a safe and supportive community, and we promote the messages of inclusion, kindness, and acceptance among our students.


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