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Bryce Radzwich captured first place in MMI Preparatory School’s sixth grade science fair for his project “Protect Your Melon.”

David Yamulla captured second for his presentation entitled “Making Graphite Glow” and Frederick Blaine finished third for his demonstration of “What Kind of Potato Conducts Electricity Best?”

MMI sixth grade science fairBenjamin Gombeda (“Snack Energy”), Erica Schwear (“The Vibration of Sound”), Joseph Mayernik (“Absorbency Rate of Paper Towels”), and Madelyn Young (“Which Local Soil Sample is Composed of the Most Rare-Earth Minerals?") all received honorable mention awards.  

Other students and their projects included: John T. Ferry ("Which Water Produces the Most Growth?”), Ava Genetti (“What Drink Stains your Teeth the Most?”), Nora Herseim (“Which Hair Product Has the Best Hold?”), Gabriel Horvath (“Too Much Social Media?”), Cameron Kress (“Horse Power 0-60 Engine vs. Engine”), Alena Lombardo (“Which Gum Blows the Biggest Bubble?”), Serena Novotney (“Metal Rusting”), Rishi Patel (“5 Second Rule”), Yeleigny Paniagua (“What Paper Product Absorbs the Most?”), Christian Schulz (“Which Chocolate Melts Faster?”), Caleb Skuba (“Vitamin Absorption”), Jayden Unger (“What Household Items Conduct Electricity?”), and Ryleigh Yanac (“Do Certain Groups Like Certain Types of Music?”).

Each year, MMI’s sixth grade students participate in the science fair, where projects are judged by members of the Science National Honor Society, faculty members, and Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science participants. 

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