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The MMI Preparatory School Class of 2018 created four original abstract paintings and donated them to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Hazleton’s pediatric area as part of its series of community service class projects for the 2015-2016 school year.

web-SophomoreClassProjectThe sophomores selected the project from a list of potential ideas after Class President Stephanie Zellner recalled how much comfort she received from viewing paintings in the hallways during two hospitalizations. The class created the paintings by splattering acrylic paint across four canvases. They chose to make abstract paintings so that each patient could find something different in the artwork that brightens their day.

The project was approved by MMI Head of School Thomas G. Hood, Assistant Head of School Charles Seidel, and class advisers Gerard Pierotti and Grete DeAngelo.

In addition to the paintings, the class also donated 16 coloring books, 16 boxes of crayons, 7 stuffed animals, 1 storage tote, and 4 packs of socks (2 infant and 2 child).

Stephanie Zellner, MMI sophomore class president, said, “We, as a class, would like the children of our area, the community, and everyone who sees our artwork to know what MMI and the class of 2018 stand for, that is service to our community and all who live in it and to make a positive influence in someone’s life, no matter how big or small.”

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