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MMI recognized 5 students in the seventh, ninth and eleventh grades as “Best of the Best” during a recent assembly.


The purpose of the MMI assembly program is to provide each student with the opportunity to explore varied subject areas not typically studied in the classroom.  Students then give an oral presentation on their selected topic of interest at an assemby in front of their peers.  Students earning the highest scores for their presentations are selected to present at the "Best of the Best" assembly in front of the entire student body.  From these candidates, one student is selected by the MMI faculty as the overall "Best of the Best" winner. 

Each MMI student in grades 7-12 makes at least one appearance in an assembly program each school year.  Students in eighth, tenth, and twelfth grades completed their projects in the fall.  For the second semester, students in seventh, ninth, and eleventh grades competed, and five students were selected as finalists. 

First place for the “Best of the Best” was awarded to junior Luke Yamulla, son of Robert and Ann Yamulla of Sugarloaf, for his presentation, “America.”

Additional finalists were freshman Gabriella Kupsho, daughter of Robert and Diane Kupsho of Drums, for her presentation, “Madame Tussauds”; freshman Lauren Babinetz, daughter of Michael and Patricia Babinetz of Jim Thorpe, for her presentation, “Body Language”; seventh-grader Grant Warren, son of Richard Warren and Rebecca Warren of Danville, for his presentation, “Drones”; and Benjamin Putnam, son of Benjamin and Andrea Putnam of Sugarloaf, for his presentation, “Ticks.”

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