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MMI Preparatory School has received a grant that it will use toward new equipment for the school's science department.

exxonmobil-webMMI was nominated for the $1,000 ExxonMobil Educational Alliance grant by Liberty Petroleum Distributors of New Milford. The grant funds, specifically designated for math or science, will be used to purchase a digital incubator. Laboratory incubators are used to grow and maintain cell cultures for microbiological study. Microbiological incubators work like temperature-controlled ovens and are primarily used for growing and storing bacterial cultures. Most incubator units are water-jacketed, air-jacketed or use direct heat to maintain the temperature around the culture chamber.

ExxonMobil's Educational Alliance Program has awarded $2 million in grants this year to schools to help enhance math and science education across the United States. Liberty Petroleum Distributors supported 14 schools throughout northeastern Pennsylvania with $7,500 from Educational Alliance funds. For more than eight years, Educational Alliance grants from Liberty Petroleum Distributors and ExxonMobil have benefited students in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Gerald Danniel, vice president of operations at Liberty Petroleum Distributors, said, "ExxonMobil, in partnership with Liberty Petroleum Distributors, has a long history of supporting educational programs. We believe it is fundamentally important to encourage the next generation to pursue studies and careers in fields involving math and science."

MMI Head of School Thomas G. Hood said, "We are grateful, once again, for the support we are receiving from Liberty Petroleum Distributors. These funds will allow us to purchase equipment that will enhance students' learning at MMI."

Liberty Petroleum, a well established and rapidly growing company, owns and operates 24 travel plazas, gas stations and quick service restaurants throughout northeastern Pennsylvania. The company also provides wholesale distribution of ExxonMobil and Sunoco petroleum products to transportation companies, travel plazas and gas stations. To learn more, visit www.liberty-petroleum.com.


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