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The guest chef program at MMI Preparatory School strives to give students the opportunity to try new things. On Monday, MMI students had the chance to experience the flavors of Southern California. The program began last school year and is part of a three-year plan undertaken by MMI to provide preferable food to the student body and staff in a more sustainable manner.

web-MMI-Guest-ChefCurt Lindquist, chef of The Meating House in Drums, visited MMI to give students a taste of some culinary trends from the Southern Califormia region. The students were treated to Baja fish tacos, featuring a lightly breaded fish filet with honey lime cilantro dressed slaw on a warm flour tortilla; sidewinder, wide-cut, curly French fries, and SoCal white chicken chili. A topping table including sour cream, salsa, and sliced green onions was also set up in the café.

MMI Head of School Thomas G. Hood said, “The guest chef program allows us to utilize the culinary talents of different people so that students learn about where food comes from, flavors, cultures, and culinary traditions while keeping focused on sustainability, scratch cooking, and recycling.”

Lindquist is a Cornell University graduate and spent a number of years in the corporate hospitality industry. He and his wife, Cheryl, a Beaver Meadows native, operated a meat business for 17 years before opening The Meating House, where they’ve been co-proprietors for 14 years. Lindquist believes in making food from scratch so it's more sustainable and tasty. He feels students should be exposed to many different flavors and food ideas through school lunch programs and said that using fresh food helps students understand what they’re eating. For more information about The Meating House, visit www.themeatinghouse.com.

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