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MMI Preparatory School students are utilizing three-dimensional printing technology as part of their curriculum with new equipment purchased through a donation from the family of two MMI students.

David and Maureen Eschenbach of Drums have a daughter, Katie, and son, Ryan, who are juniors at MMI and through their donation, the school purchased a 3D printer that is being used in several courses and grade levels.

mmi-3dprinter-003Projects already planned for the printer include reproducing ancient artifacts for a mid-school history class, modeling and printing trigonometric equations for an upper school mathematics course, virtually building and then printing models of molecules and anatomic structures for chemistry and biology courses and designing and building components for robots in the robotics and engineering classes.

"Given the technological advancements and practical application of 3D printing today, the printer is a solid addition to our curriculum and we plan to use it throughout the school," said Justin Vincent, MMI director of curriculum and a computer science and technology instructor.

“The addition of the 3D printer to the MMI technology department will allow students to study how this process works and learn about the many practical applications where 3D printing is being used today. We are grateful for the contribution from the Eschenbach family,” said MMI Head of School Thomas G. Hood.

3D printers allow for three-dimensional renderings to be printed from digital files and are currently being used in the medical, manufacturing, food service, and space technology fields.  

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