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To provide dedicated area students with a comprehensive and inspiring sixth to twelfth grade college preparatory program that maximizes each individual's academic, social, and character potential in preparation for success in college and beyond.


MMI is an independent college preparatory school steeped in more than 139 years of tradition which seeks to help students discover and fulfill their unique potential.  Throughout MMI's storied history our commitment to educational excellence, co-curricular opportunity, and the development of a strong sense of character and service have remained constant.  Founded on the vision of Eckley B. and Sophia G. Coxe, we recognize our historic obligation to provide an affordable education to students from varying backgrounds.  At the same time, financial participation is an expectation of all our families.
Employees and students at MMI are valued individuals.  Small class size, individual attention, and a focus on interdisciplinary studies create an environment that allows our instructional staff to foster intellectual curiosity and academic success.  The rigorous curriculum develops talents, building a passion for learning and a community of lifelong learners.  Success and honest effort are recognized while failures become instructive.  Furthermore, we recognize the value of athletics and co-curricular activities as a means of developing self-reliance, self-discipline, and social experience.
Our educational process leads to the flourishing of ideas, attitudes, habits, and principles of justice making students responsible members of a democratic society-who respect not only themselves and their neighbors but also their country and international community.  
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