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Junior Connor Spencer won MMI Preparatory School’s overall Best of the Best title for the 2020-2021 school year with his presentation on The Future of Energy in a reimagined format for the annual assembly program.

MMI Best of the Best winnerThis year, awards were given out to the highest-scoring assembly in each grade and those students were named Best in Class. The student who received the highest score among the Best in Class winners was named the overall Best of the Best winner.

Justin Kleinheider, MMI Head of School said, "The MMI Assembly program was reimagined this year to accommodate the pandemic. In the absence of our usual Open House program, the students combined the research, analytics, and presentation skills from the Assembly program and the Open House project to create this year's assemblies. Some students presented live to the class while others presented virtually, further mixing technology in to the event. It was different but it showed the adaptability and perseverance of our student body. I am consistently amazed at the great work our students do!"  

MMI’s assembly program is designed to improve and enhance communication skills, which are important to students as they progress through high school, college, and beyond. Countless MMI alumni have and continue to comment on the value of the assembly program during their time at college and in their careers.

In addition to Spencer, the Best in Class winners were: Seventh Grade – Gabriel Horvath (Energy Drinks) and Serena Novotney (The Meaning of Dreams); Eighth Grade – Scott O’Boyle (The JFK Assassination); Ninth Grade – Abigail Sparich (What Colors Mean in Modern Media); 10th Grade – Khristian Banks (The Fear of Public Speaking), Jillian McGeehin (How COVID in the USA Compares to Other Countries), and Ava Putnam (The Life of a Marine Biologist); and 12th Grade – Louis DeAngelo (History of Virtual Reality).

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