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One of MMI's most valued piece of curriculum is the assembly program. Assemblies are designed to provide each student with the opportunity to explore varied subject areas not typically studied in the classroom while exercising their public speaking skills. 

Each MMI student makes at least one appearance in an assembly program each school year. Students in grades 10 and 12 make their presentations in the first semester of the school year and students in the middle school as well as grades nine and 11 complete their assemblies in the spring semester.  Students present a topic of interest to them such as art, music, geography or culture before a larger audience than they would be exposed to in a daily classroom environment.

The best student performances from each semester's assemblies, chosen by the MMI faculty, are presented to a larger group of students to determine the "Best of the Best." 

The assembly program is designed to improve and enhance communication skills, which are important to students as they progress through high school, college, and beyond. Countless MMI alumni have and continue to comment on the value of the assembly program during their time at college and in their careers.

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