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planned-givingA thoughtful estate plan can fulfill your personal financial objectives and, at the same time, ensure the long-term viability of MMI. Planned gifts such as wills, trusts, annuities, and life insurance policies represent important ways that you can help support MMI Preparatory School.  Each of these gifts has unique tax advantages.  Planned gifts typically come from a donor’s assets, rather than income, and can be either outright or deferred.  Some planned gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, can pay you income.

A few types of planned gifts are:
  • Will or Bequest
  • Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Life Insurance
  • Real Estate

The Timber Society is an organization of individuals committed to the future support of MMI Preparatory School. The name of the society is derived from the wooden supports that were used in the deep mines to support the roof, as well as the earth above it. The "timbers” allowed the miners to move forward in their quest of anthracite coal as they earned a living and fueled the industrial revolution.

timber-society-logoThe symbol for the Timber Society is the White Oak (Quercus alba), which is native to the eastern United States and was harvested for use as "timbers.” At maturity, it can reach 100 feet in height and is a wide-spreading specimen whose leaves turn rich purple and wine in the autumn.

The large tree provides shade and beauty as it grows. The "timbers” permitted the deep mines to be used to extract the anthracite coal from its beds deep below the surface. The "timbers” continued to serve the people above, long after the miners completed their work.

The Timber Society recognizes individuals who have so thoughtfully and generously provided for MMI’s financial future through planned gifts. Through their foresight, they will continue to support the work being done by MMI well into the future.

If you have already included MMI in your estate plans, please let us know and we would be happy to include your name in The Timber Society.

Timber Society Members

Mr. Richard Abrams ’88
Mrs. Lucetta S. Alderfer
Atty. Philip E. Barringer
Dr. Carl R. Bartol ’50
Mr. Donald Bartol ’41
Mr. Harold B. Benjamin
Mr. Clete L. Boyle ’10 and Mrs. Cecilia Boyle
Mr. Lambert E. Broad
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Brown, Jr.
Mr. Charles T. Butler
Mr. Jack H. Churbock ’46
Dr. Leo J. Corazza
Atty. Elliott Costas ’74 and Mrs. Judy Costas
Mr. Eckley B. and Mrs. Sophia G. Coxe
Mr. Eckley B. Coxe IV
Ms. Elizabeth A. Coxe
Mr. James D’Andrea ’39
Colonel Benjamin Davis ’27
Mr. Nicholas Dei Tos ’71 and Mrs. Patricia Dei Tos
Mr. Victor C. Detty Jr.
Atty. Richard DiLiberto, Jr. ’79 and Atty. Faith DiLiberto
Mr. Doug Dobbs and Mrs. Sal Coxe Dobbs
Dr. Joseph A. Donato ’66 and Mrs. Eileen Donato
Mr. Llewellyn Dryfoos III ’82 and Mrs. Maura Dryfoos
Mr. George P. Eidam and Mrs. Helen L. Eidam
Mr. John Evans ’24
Atty. Thomas Feissner ’81 and Mrs. Lisa Feissner
Dr. James W. Feussner ’65
Mr. Joseph V. Fischer '63
Mr. Donald C. Fisher ’48
Atty. Henry A. Giuliani
Mr. Richard Goldman ’68
Mr. Edward J. Gower ’38
Dr. Thomas Hamer ’58 and Mrs. Kathryn Hamer
Dr. O. Reynold Hoch and Mrs. Catherine T. Hoch
Mr. Hugh E. Hughes
Mr. Effingham P. Humphrey Jr. ’34
Mr. Marc Hurwitz '67 and Dr. Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz
Mr. Frank Jenkins ’12
Mr. Roy Johnson ’63 and Mrs. Diana Johnson
Mr. Robert D. Jones ’48
Mr. Clyde M. Kahler and Mrs. Mildred K. Kahler
Mr. Robert Kashubski '67 and Mrs. Karen Kashubski
Mr. Robert A. Keenan-Cavendish ’96
Dr. Robert Kettrick ’60 and Mrs. Eileen Kettrick
Mr. Karl Klinger ’24
Mr. Robert L. Klotz Jr.
Mr. Daniel Kostick ’54 and Mrs. Janet Kostick
Mr. John Lang ’31
Mr. Stephen R. Lechman
Atty. Leroy Lenhart ’58 and Mrs. Donna Lenhart
Mrs. Anna Lesser
Mr. Joseph E. Lundy
Dr. Philip A. McHale ’58
Dr. Robert McLean ’53 and Mrs. Jane McLean
Mr. William D. Muir ’43
Mr. John P. Murphy
Mr. John Nicholson ’35
Mrs. Lucy Norris
Mr. Martin J. O’Donnell ’37 and Mrs. Agnes O’Donnell
Atty. James A. O’Neill ’41
Miss Mary Pavlick
Mr. E. Edward Riley '61
Ms. Rosemary Rocco
Mr. David Roman
Mr. Harry Carl Schaub J.D. ’46 and Mrs. Kathryn Deans Schaub
Mr. John Schiedy ’21 and Mrs. Pauline Schiedy
Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Schmutzer
Mr. Edward Sharp ’36 and Mrs. Lorraine Sharp
Mr. Gilbert Smith ’22
Mrs. Jane E. Smith
Mr. James M. Stradnick ’77
Mr. James P. Stradnick
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tito
Ms. Lottie Turnbace
Mr. Joseph A. Turri ’45
Atty. Rebecca L. Warren Esq. ’84
Ms. Rose M. Welliver ’73
Dr. Richard Williams '62 and Mrs. Eloise Williams
Mr. Jack Wyeth
Mrs. Mary Yankevitch
Mr. Philip F. Young ’34
Mrs. Nina C. Zanon ’01
Dr. Nazzi Zola '70 and Mrs. Carol Zola

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