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MMI Preparatory School honored middle school students for their academic achievements during a virtual 2020 Mid-School Awards ceremony.

Students were recognized for their work in subjects, contests, and competitions. Lisa Marie Ferry, Dean of Students, announced the award winners.

MMI recognized its newest members to the National Junior Honor Society. Students who are inducted into this society have demonstrated high academic performance in their mid-school years. NJHS inductees are: Diane Arias Tejeda, Teagan Bonham, Emily Borchick, Andrew Burns, London Chehovich, John Drobnock, Reed Floryshak, Caylee Herseim, Emily Hunsinger, Angelica Jimenez, Caitlin Lenahan, Lex Lispi, Gianna Longworth, Edgar Lopez-Rodriguez, Frankie Martinelli, Nathaniel Neidlinger, Robert Orbin, Sophia Plonk, Dominic Raifsnider, Jakob Rossi, Jason Salio, Kathryn Sissick, Nathan Sissick, Abigail Sparich, Connor Strecker, Blake Warren, and Leo Zvonik.

Sophia Plonk, Abigail Sparich, Robert Orbin, and Nathan Sissick each received the Freeland American Legion's Good Citizenship Award.

Caylee Herseim was awarded a Certificate of Achievement from the National Geographic Society for her winning performance at the school level of the National Geography Bee.

Ethan Lloyd, Nathaniel Neidlinger, Corrigan Nolasco, Robert Orbin, and Leo Zvonik were recognized for being the winners of the Year-Long Competitive Session of the Stock Market Game through PFEW. This year's team out-performed their peers and finished third in Pennsylvania and first in the region with a relative return of 23.11 percent above the performance of the S&P 500.

Several seventh and eighth graders were presented with awards for their performances in the AMC 8 Math Contest. Seventh graders Avery Pohida and Jason Roberts captured first place, Lydia Chen and Evan Pedri finished in second place, and Chloe Allen and Danica Karlick earned third place awards. Eighth graders Frankie Martinelli and Nathaniel Neidlinger were first, Diane Arias Tejeda and Leo Zvonik finished second, and Emily Borchick, Caylee Herseim, and Emily Hunsinger came in third.

Bryce Radzwich was honored for capturing first place in the Sixth Grade Science Fair for his project, “Protect Your Melon.” David Yamulla (“Making Graphite Glow”) finished second, and Frederick Blaine (“What Kind of Potato Conducts Electricity the Best?”) came in third. Honorable Mention awards went to Ben Gombeda (“Snack Energy”), Joseph Mayernik (“Absorbency Rate of Paper Towels”), Erica Schwear (“The Vibration of Sound”), and Madelyn Young (“Which Local Soil Sample Is Composed of the Most Rare-Earth Metals?”).

Erica Schwear, Blake Warren, Dominic Raifsnider, Silvia Roberto, Ethan Lloyd, and Emily Hunsinger were recognized for participating in the PMEA String Fest.

Andrew Burns and Kendall Orozco were each presented with a Certificate of Merit for performing exceptionally on the American Classical League National Introduction to Latin exam. Diane Arias Tejeda (Cum Laude), Nathaniel Neidlinger (Magna Cum Laude), and Leo Zvonik (Silver Maxima Cum Laude) each received a Certificate of Honorable Merit for their performance on the National Latin Exam.

Subject award winners are as follows:

Social Studies: Sixth Grade Geography – Gabriel Horvath, Seventh Grade Ancient Civilizations – Kendall Orozco, and Eighth Grade Current Events – Nathaniel Neidlinger.

Math: Sixth Grade – Frederick Blaine, Seventh Grade – Kendall Orozco, and Eighth Grade – Nathaniel Neidlinger.

English: Sixth Grade – Serena Novotney, Seventh Grade – Kendall Orozco, and Eighth Grade – Diane Arias Tejeda.

Science – Sixth Grade – David Yamulla, Seventh Grade – Nina Day, and Eighth Grade – Sophia Plonk.

Health: Daniel Griffith.

Art: Sixth Grade – Christian Schultz, Seventh Grade – Chloe Allen, and Eighth Grade – Angelica Jimenez.

Chorus: Sixth Grade – Ava Genetti, Seventh Grade – Corey Buchman, and Eighth Grade – Caylee Herseim.

Strings: Sixth Grade – Frederick Blaine, Seventh Grade – Danica Karlick, and Eighth Grade – Ethan Lloyd.

Greek: Madelyn Young.

Latin: Seventh Grade – Corey Buchman, and Eighth Grade – Andrew Burns.

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