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By Emily Seratch
Class President, Class of 2015

Emily Seratch

I can't believe it’s my senior year already. Some people have been waiting for this time to come for years, but I've been trying to slow it down. It's crazy to think this is my last year walking the halls of MMI. I can remember walking through the glass doors for the first time six years ago. It was a new experience that, thankfully, I didn't have to go through alone.

I realized I wanted to go to MMI the minute I walked through the door on my shadow day. I loved the challenge the school gave the students attending. It was not until sixth-grade orientation that I realized I also loved the community feeling the school had. Coming into MMI, I didn't know anyone in my grade, so I was nervous. Thankfully, everyone else coming into sixth grade didn't know anyone either! I easily made friends.

Once school started, it was such a relief to know everyone in my class. We were able to walk through the halls knowing we always had a friend next to us. We all stuck together in the sea of tall older students. And I knew there would always be someone sticking up for me if I ever needed it.

As the years went by, way too fast, our class experienced a lot of changes. We were the first class to take violin class after sixth grade. We were able to work with teachers that have moved on, allowing us to be the first class to work with the amazing new teachers that were brought in. We worked through the changes in AP tests over the past two years. And we will continue to work through the changes in AP tests. Overall, we have experienced a lot together.

Through everything that happened, we worked together. We have been through everything together. I cannot imagine going through these changes with anyone except my classmates. We have always been there for each other and it is great to know that MMI has been able to give me such a strong support system through the years. If I could take one thing away from my many years at MMI, it would be that we really are all in this together.

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