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By Lisa Ferry
Art Instructor

ferry lisa portraitAh, it's finally summer. Time to kick back and enjoy the nice weather, finally. What better way to do that than to grab your tunes, a beverage, and for me, my sketchbook, paints, and canvas.

With no pressure from classes, grades, or getting up early (yes, us teachers feel the same as you students), I can experiment with techniques with no time constraints.

But even better is creating art with friends. Summer means hanging out with your friends, so that = FUN and you should invite them along.

ferry art blog thYes, you could go to each other's house and make art, but why not go somewhere different?

My friends and I love to go to Eckley Miner’s Village and draw or paint. It's close, it's different, and there are so many inspirational things to reference when creating AWESOME art.

Hey, maybe I’ll see you there… happy summer!

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