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By Taylor Peluso
2016 Class President

PelusoTaylor2015 2016
When I started at MMI in the 7th grade, graduation seemed like a far off milestone. Today, it’s just 6 short months away! Hard to believe that the college application process is complete and next year at this time, I’ll be wrapping up my first semester in college.

I came to MMI and joined one of the smallest classes. The class of 2016 started with only 12 students and today we stand at 31. We’ve had some growing pains, but through it all, I cannot help but think of my time at MMI as being part of a small family where everyone knows everyone else and the atmosphere is welcoming. Just last year, one of my ski students asked me about MMI and whether or not I liked coming to school here. We spent the entire lift ride talking about the school, the teachers, the traditions, and the people. He started school here this past fall, and I hope he continues to see the benefit of attending a small school like MMI.

Like all families these days, everyone is busy. The last 6 years have been packed with any number of things, but my greatest joy has come from working with the whole senior class and serving as class president during an important year in everyone’s lives. It has been fun to see the class come together, to see the inclusiveness and the camaraderie that occurs when everyone is working toward a common goal, making this year the best year yet.

As I get ready to leave MMI, my wish for the senior class is that they all remain true to who they are. Each has a talent and strength that can continue to be built upon, but as we go our separate ways, I hope they always remember that there is a common connection to a welcoming place where family isn’t comprised of people who are related to you.

As I look forward to the next chapter in my life, I know that the relationships I’ve built, the academic foundation, and guiding principles I’ve picked up at MMI will play a major force in my success in college and beyond.

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